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Wonderful and shining
The house should always be a clean environment and to do it there are specific products. Porcelain is special for its easy cleaning and it is commonly used for floors. But how to clean it? A vacuum, specific soaps with polishing or a steam cleaner can give to tiles a long-lasting shining, and to remove stains avoiding scratches you can use a microfiber. To deeply sanitize the house there are specific products. Professional cleaning products for parquet, a wooden floor silent and fancy with its natural finishing. For these characteristics it is a gentle material, and you must be careful while cleaning to avoid damaging and staining. You can use a static tissue to dust, and parquet soaps to clean it. A tissue wet with warm water can be enough. Besides there are products specific to clean the marble, an elegant and precious material, that requires care. You can polish it to keep its natural and original effect. In the end we have the tiles to clean, avoiding rubbing, washing them to eliminate limescale halos that can be produced in humid rooms such as bathrooms. For each surface it is fine to accurately choose natural and non-acid products like ... Read more


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3 Item(s)