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Kitchen ovens

Let be inspired by our gas ovens and multifunction electric ovens

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Each kitchen has its own oven

The oven is a useful appliance for preparing the most varied dishes and certainly cannot be missing in the kitchen. Most often a built-in oven is chosen, integrated into the kitchen top with the hob above it, but it can also be installed on column, next to the fridge, to have the food to prepare close at hand. If you choose this solution, it should be fixed at least one meter from the ground to ensure ease of use. On the other hand, if you love unique pieces, you can opt for a freestanding oven installation. Freed from the rest of the furniture, it becomes a point on which to focus attention, taking on the characteristics of a design oven with exclusive performances. Based on the energy class to which it belongs and the main characteristics, it is also possible to predict the consumption of the appliance.

Gas, electric or combined: ovens for all cooking needs

Gas or electric ovens to satisfy your idea of cooking. The firsts run on natural gas and allow quick cooking, the latter on the other hand, they have higher consumption and ensure greater uniformity in heat retention, which propagates through placed resistances in the upper and lower part of the cooking chamber. This type of kitchen oven is usually equipped with a grill for browning food in the last minutes of cooking. Electric ovens have a static cooking mode, slower and more delicate, while in vented ovens, through a fan, the heat spreads evenly inside. There are also combo ovens which, thanks to the possibility of steam cooking, allow you to perform cycles of cooking food, satisfying multiple taste needs. Furthermore, modern ovens are self-cleaning, they do not require detergents and are equipped with a pyrolytic function through which the internal temperature reaches up to 500°, turning dirt into dust.

Futuristic and design ovens

High-performance ovens for the kitchen: professional, with advanced functionality, yet easy to use and with an increasingly refined design. To manage and regulate the cooking of food, the control panel in the latest models becomes a digital display, also touch-screen. Schock ovens fit into this perspective: simple, intuitive, modern and with models suitable for cooking more and more customized.


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7 Item(s)