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Freestanding and built-in refrigerators

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Cool place for food storage

The fridge is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen, essential for the preservation of food, for this it is necessary carefully choose the model that best suits your needs. Being always connected to main electricity, it must belong to a high energy class that does not cause the costs to rise on the bill. Before buying it, you must consider some features, which can affect the final decision, such as consumption, capacity and silence. There are many models: built-in fridges, with refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment, are positioned in the volume of the cabinet and are sold without the finishing of the external door, because this will be anchored to the door of the dedicated piece of furniture. Alternatively, there are freestanding fridges, very practical as they can be placed wherever you want, according to your space requirements. This is an optimal solution for those who love flexibility and practicality.

A smart fridge

Energy efficient and extremely functional, modern fridges present themselves with intelligent features: rapid cooling, thermostat to regulate the temperature and an orderly internal arrangement such as to briefly have the arrangement of the stored food. There are single-door models and two-door freezer cabinets, the latter equipped with a refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment above. For those with other needs, the choice also extends to freezer cabinets combined with the refrigerator in the upper part and the freezer at the bottom, equipped with three drawers in which to arrange frozen food. These types are equipped of frost-free technology with cold accelerator, which prevents the formation of frost, making the temperature uniform inside. Another item on the market is the fridge called "side by side": a large product, with great capacity, ideal for large families. The fridge compartment and the freezer compartment are next to each other and there are also models with an ice maker, water, or other beverage dispenser.

The fridge, a piece of furniture

Special functions and internal accessories characterize the fridge, capable of storing products to eat for several days in a cool place. But it no longer has just this function: the fridge with the advancement of technology has become a household appliance also popular for its aesthetics, a real piece of furniture to be chosen based on personal taste and the colour of the kitchen. Having made some previous technical assessments, we move on to aesthetics, especially for freestanding fridges, at present among the best sellers. The Schock refrigerators, which have always been a guarantee of reliability in the kitchen, combine high performance and design.


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