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Toilet showers

Hygienic showers and hydrobrush for toilet

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Hygienic Showers for Toilet
Find wall-mounted hygienic showers, roll holders with retractable nozzle, hygienic showers that combine design and functionality.
Practical, hygienic, easy to use, this is a versatile accessory: you can use it as a bidet and to rinse the toilet.
Perfect for public places, the toilet hydrobrush is now an indispensable accessory in the bathroom where it replaces the unpleasant
toilet brush. Its advantages? It avoids dripping on the floor, is hygienic and you can clean the toilet thanks to the powerful water jet.
Damura.it offers numerous wall-mounted retractable hydrobrushes, minimalist, fascinating and integrable in any environment.


14 Item(s)


14 Item(s)