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Toilet showers

Hygienic showers and hydrobrush for toilet

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Hydrobrush, practical, hygienic and technological

A practical solution for cleaning the toilet is certainly the toilet shower; hygienic, functional and technological has become the modern heir of the toilet brush in the most well-kept bathrooms. This accessory, consisting of a handshower connected to the plumbing system with a hose, delivers a targeted water jet with which the toilet is sanitized without bringing the arm inwards. If wall mounting with a hook does not seem to be the best solution, you can turn to a built-in hydrobrush that is inserted into the wall, and which allows you not to leave the accessory visible.

When even the hydrobrush is design
Not just a matter of practicality and hygiene. More and more those who are turning to this type of accessory also focus on the aesthetic sense of the object itself, choosing design toilet showers, with a modern appearance and associated in style with the toilets to which they are connected. Made of stainless steel or brass, certain models are noticeable only when needed, since in some solut ... Read more


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14 Item(s)