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Shower enclosures

Discover our shower cabins, 2 or 3 sided enclosure, walk-in

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Shower enclosure, ready to feel moments of relax
A careful bathroom furniture also pays attention to the choice of the shower enclosure or shower cubicle. These are increasingly key elements of the environment with continuous experimentation and reinterpretations in a modern key. Over time, in fact, the concept of the shower has changed, becoming more and more synonymous with a moment of self-care and absolute relaxation: this thanks to comfortable and spacious design shower enclosures. These elements are diversified into models with the most varied shapes; rectangular or pentagonal, circular and even spiral. Among the most used solutions is the three-sided shower enclosure, an elegant and versatile version since it can be placed on any side of the room and on any wall. Made up of three panels, it is especially suitable for larger bathrooms, helping to create a greater open space effect. Of course, in a bathroom with modern lines, a shower enclosure with a modern taste fits perfectly, completing the decor with style. A shower enclosure with a minimal design, on the other hand, is perfect in environments with bolder, square lines, ... Read more


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20 Item(s)