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A hob for every need

The cooker hob is certainly one of the most used appliances in the kitchen, important for food preparation according to the preferred cooking point. Whether it is with two burners, traditional with four, five or even with more areas, the choice of the top depends on the space available and family needs. Cooker hobs are not all the same: they have differences in design and operation (gas, electric, induction). At the time of purchase, the intended use must be considered, evaluating the different options 60, 80 or 90cm and aiming not only at steel but also at materials such as glass or glass ceramic.

Gas, electric or induction: a question of opportunity
Simple to use and with a more traditional setting, the gas hob allows the use of any type of pot it rests on stainless steel platforms, but not only. You can also choose models with coloured finishes. Very particular are those in which the burners are placed on tempered glass or glass ceramic surfaces. In these hobs the ignition of the flame takes place with an electric control. Everything is under cont ... Read more


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26 Item(s)