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Toilet flush plates and cisterns

Add a touch of style with our toilet flush-plates and tanks

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The flush plate: the different alternatives

When completing the bathroom set-up, attention should also be paid to the choice of the toilet flush plate that adapts with personality to the style of the room and the toilets present. This is an inevitable element and there are several alternatives regarding flushing systems. The plates represent that point through which the drainage system is activated and are capable of dosing the flow rate of the water, thus avoiding waste. The trend is increasingly to install recessed toilet flush plates, which are fixed to the wall, and which give the bathroom an appearance of greater cleanliness and visual linearity.

A plate dedicated to technology
Not all the toilet flush plates are the same. These too should fit into the environment based on the imprint you wanted to give. A classic bathroom, characterized by sanitary fixtures with rounded shapes and taps in line with this style, must continue to repeat this trend also in the flush plate which, in this case, will be more rounded in shape. ... Read more


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20 Item(s)