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Built-in and free-standing dishwashers

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A dishwasher as a friend

The dishwasher is an appliance that is increasingly present in the kitchen and over the years it has been able to conquer even those who initially had some sort of scepticism about its usefulness. Which dishwasher to choose for your kitchen is a matter of necessity and space. In addition to those of standard dimensions, there are also slim models, less bulky or compact dishwashers, designed to be installed on kitchen tops, ideal for small apartments.

Dishwashers: all models

Dishwashers are distinguished between built-in and freestanding models. Firsts are placed inside the kitchen cabinets and on the front, they have mounted an identical panel as the finish of the kitchen doors. The controls and the choice of the cycle to be used for washing are on the upper edge and, when the dishwasher is closed, the kitchen has an uninterrupted visual linearity. Alternatively, there are freestanding dishwashers, which can be accommodated wherever you want, without necessarily being bound to the kitchen spaces. When choosing a dishwasher, it is important to pay attention also to the energy efficiency class, for example those marked with A +++ consume water and electricity low. In fact, the latest generation models feature technologies that prevent waste with an eye to the environment and sustainability.

More time for the rest

Design dishwashers are ready to make a good impression in the kitchen, are easy to use and have innovative programs. They stand out especially when it comes to freestanding models: in these cases, the aesthetics are appealing, combining multiple washing functions with more classic or futuristic lines. Flawless results with Schock dishwashers with programs able to satisfy every lifestyle. More and more smart, intuitive, and attentive to environmental and energy sustainability, these dishwashers wash dishes, cutlery and glasses, allowing those who put them into action to have more time for the rest.


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